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consulting.jpgDunforce experts will follow you to simplifyautomate and personalise your creances' collection. They know how to identify and optimise your process for an approach at ease.

Our goal is to create a process adapted to your customers. We offer you, free of contrainsts : 

  • Free audit of your process
  • An exchange with one of our expert in organisation
  • A presentation of Dunforce technology and solutions.

Collaborating with Dunforce will allow you to take the right decissions in handling your clients payables. With this solution, you will be abl to determine an adapted strategy for your company and teams, creating process which can lead to:

  • Decrease your DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) 
  • Réduce by 90% your time dedicated to payment reminders and monitoring.
  • Inforcment of your commercial relations.

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